The Value of Central Heating Systems and Heat Pumps Differs in Alabama

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In Alabama, central heating systems and heat pumps have different roles depending on where the residents are located. As a result there are different ways for dealing with heating and heating problems as well.

When you’re talking about central heating systems and heating problems, Alabama has 3 basic regions: Northern Alabama (AL-North), Middle Alabama (AL-Mid), and Coastal Alabama (AL-Coast).

In the northern part of the state, temperatures from late November to March can be on the chilly side. During this period, the AL-North region can expect almost 60 days of below freezing temperatures. Central heating systems play an important part in household comfort during this time of year. So when there are heating problems, Alabama families in AL-North need to incur the cost of an immediate – if not emergency – repair to their central heating systems.

Sometimes homeowners of this region will also do a heat pump installation. AL-North homes that use heat pumps in combination with their central heating systems can realize significant savings on their energy bills.

Moving south to Montgomery, which is in the AL-Mid region, central heating systems are less important. This region can usually expect about 30 days when temperatures dip below freezing. In this respect, AL-Mid is a transitional region. Homeowners who relied on their central heating systems would not be wrong, but would not experience the same savings as those who gambled on going only with a heat pump installation.

AL-Mid still gets very cold during the winter, so using only a heat pump would be very risky. And if there were heating problems, Alabama homeowners who use only a heat pump here, would be exposed to some very uncomfortable days.

Moving further south to Mobile, in the AL-Coast region, the ‘winter’ temperature stand in stark contrast to those experienced in AL-Mid. And as far as AL-North is concerned, you wouldn’t know you were in the same state.

Using central heating systems in this region might be overkill. The ‘winter temperature’ start in late November and end in late February. During this time, AL-Coast residents can expect 22 days when the temperature dips below freezing. For many homes it may be enough to go with a heat pump installation. AL-Coast homes that use only this solution should also consider insulating their plumbing and closing off places where air might escape. Given AL-Coast summers, this is something they should do anyway.

As a backup, AL-Coast homeowners may also want to invest in a gas fireplace or wood burning stove. So if there are heating problems, Alabama residents in this region can look forward to putting another log into their wood stove or turning on the fireplace.

So even though Alabama homeowners appear to have heating options, they really don’t. Depending on their location they may absolutely need to have a central heating system or not. Their reactions will be different to heating problems. Alabama residents in the north will need immediate attention, while those in the south won’t. Finally, the impact of a heat pump installation – AL-North, AL-Mid, or AL-Coast – will differ.

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